Our Top 10 Moving Tips!

  1. Prepare a detailed plan and checklist for your move.
  2.  Get quotes from multiple furniture removalists, and ask around or check online if they are any good!
  3.  Make sure your list of furniture and all your inventory is accurate.
  4. Don’t forget about your garage, shed and outdoor furniture when getting quotes for your furniture removal.
  5.  Keep all your service quotations and booking confirmations in a bright folder, and not packed away in a box!
  6. Things take time! So don’t over-schedule. Planning for your furniture removalists to load your household furniture, to have cleaners in (or clean the house yourself) and to catch an afternoon flight is a recipe for disaster.
  7.  On your inventory, list any pre-existing damage to any items prior to transport.
  8.  Ensure that you have adequate insurance for your move. Don’t forget to get contents insurance on your new place, and cancel your old policy for a refund!
  9. Always be clear with your furniture removalists as to any special handling requirements for any of your goods.
  10.  Make a list of all access issues for the property you are moving from and to and communicate to the removalists before they arrive!

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