Secret weapon! Taking the self storage industry to new heights.  

John at Extra Space Mini Storage reckons that he has a secret weapon, offering his customers something totally unique to the self storage industry that he has not seen anywhere in Australia before.


An Extra  45% storage space for only an extra $15 per week!

Anyone that has ever stored before knows that there are always those hard to stack items and odds and ends. Packing a self storage unit is like packing a truck or trailer, packing square or rectangler items is easy , however there are always those odd shape and size items that  just won’t  and don’t fit. It just doesn’t matter which way you stack them they just won’t fit, like lamp shades, baby chairs or just chairs in general.  You get the picture!!

Just imagine if these items had their own special separate area where you didn’t have to break your neck tripping over them every time you entered your storage unit, just to pull out a box or the golf clubs, or you didn’t have to move them off the top of everything every time you wanted to something out.

Well stress no more; you now have the option of our unique mezzanine floor already in your unit at a fraction of the cost. You’ll also now have somewhere to put all your odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere else, in a convenient and accessible location without having to trip over them every time you enter your unit.


Why do we have such high storage units?

Early 2008 we opened Maitland’s newest and most modern storage facility, encouraged by Maitland’s large population growth. With 3 years in the planning and 3 different design concepts we finally agreed with Maitland council on something that was suitable and that would tick all the boxes. However being in a residential and heritage area, council requested that we have a gable pitched roof to match the surrounding houses in the neighbourhood. This lead us to having an extra ordinary high storage units being 5.5 metres high.

Obviously this was far too high for people to their store or stack their belongings, so John cleverly developed a mezzanine floor level which immediately increased the actual storage space capacity and alleviated the hassle of storing odd shaped items on top of one another.