It’s no fun being locked out !



Just a few extra $ could have saved you a lot of hassle . Remember the last time you were locked out and couldn’t get in. It’s pretty frustrating isn’t it. Not to mention the inconvenience and embarrassment. Then there is  cost of getting a lock smith  or someone to open up for you.

Funny but these disasters always seem to happen when we least expect it or when you’re in a hurry.  These  problems could have been easily avoided with just a few easy steps,saving you much unnecessary hassle and stress.

 Tip 1 :  Spend a extra few $ on a quality padlock! 44mm hardened steel  


     Tip 2 : Cheap Padlocks Rust



Tip 3 : When you lock your Padlock, place it down! Rain can’t get in the barrel.



Our Guarantee, @ Extra space mini storage, when you purchase a padlock from us, that it won’t rust closed if you haven’t opened it for a while. Like some other cheaper brands do. Or we will give you another  one for FREE.